Cogeco Communications

Code of Ethics

Code of ethics

As an organization, Cogeco Communications is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour in its professional and business dealings. Over the years, we have created a bond of trust with our customers, suppliers, investors, employees, colleagues and the communities we serve, by constantly striving to treat them fairly, honestly and with integrity.

This Code of Ethics is to be used as a reference guide in terms of how to properly conduct ourselves and foster an ethical atmosphere in the workplace. It is essentially a roadmap to assist individuals in making decisions that meet the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and ethical behaviour.

Ethics line

The Corporation wishes to foster a business culture of integrity, transparency and honesty throughout the organization. To this effect, it made available an anonymous and confidential mechanism i.e. the Ethics Line for employees to report any perceived or actual instances of violation to the Code of Ethics. Any customer, supplier, business partner, or other third party who becomes aware of potential violations of the Code of Ethics is also invited to use the Ethics Line.

The Ethics Line is comprised of a toll-free telephone line as well as a secure web site (see details below). It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is operated by a specialized external provider that is independent of the company. All reports submitted through the Ethics Line will be examined by the Vice President, Internal Audi and/or the Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary.